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Great people offering a great service right here in our beautiful mountain home! Plus, the prices are beyond affordable!!
We had an amazing adventure! It was a great experience all my nieces loved it! We all laughed so hard and very much enjoyed ourselves! Thank you so much for a wonderful time!
So beautiful and peaceful! Thank you, Beth!!

All Indoor Farm Store

Café Azalea

Cafe Azalea was established in December of 2023 to…

All Indoor Farm Store

established in 2003, All Indoor Farm Store is our…



Merchandise available online

During the off-season you can still help us out by checking out our online store. Visit www.cafepress.com/stonemountainadventuresllc for all of…

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Places to stay when you visit us.

People are always asking, is there any hotel rooms in Norton if we come and visit Stone Mountain Adventures?  Actually,…

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Refund policy and payment policy Stone Mountain Adventures and Cafe Azalea

We know that things change in people’s lives so here is our policy on payments and refunds.  No everyone trust…

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Take the Top Adventurer Challenge

Who out there is man enough or woman enough to become a Top Adventurer?  Complete a hiking, mountain biking, kayaking…

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We have our funding!

We got our grant and are ready to buy our van. Things are getting real!  

Soutwest Virginia is Transforming and we are part of it!

Check out this great article on how Southwest Virginia is evolving into an Outdoor Destination! Be a part of this...

Ready for an adventure?

Have you ever wanted to go to the Devil’s Bathtub but were too unsure to go by yourself? Let us...

Our shop is now open!

We have some great t-shirts, hats, mugs, key chains, flasks – anything you could want – available for sale at...

Stone Mountain Adventures is located and operates in Southwest Virginia.
We do not offer tours or recreation activities for Stone Mountain in Georgia.