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Michael Brooke

(Adventure Guide)

Have you ever been curious about how High Knob shapes the weather in Southwest VA (SWVA)? Did you know that Powell Valley has a very interesting geologic history? Do you want to find out? Let Michael answer these questions and more. Are you nervous about hiking with your small child? Michael has experience hiking with his daughter and knows when little ones need a break (often), and when they need snacks (more often!). He has probably hiked as many miles with a 3-year-old on his shoulders as he has without.

Michael is not from SWVA, but he got here as soon as he could. A native of Mississippi, Michael grew up exploring the piney woods and backwater marshes of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the rolling hills and fields of the central part of the state. After a brief stint in Texas (too flat and hot!), Michael returned to Mississippi with his wife Jacquline to pursue a degree in meteorology at Mississippi State University. A master’s in geology followed, which led to a job with NASA, which led him to SWVA.

When not hiking and biking the trails in SWVA, Michael teaches Earth and Space Science at John I. Burton High School in Norton. In his free time, he is often found exploring the area’s twisty backroads on his motorcycle. He also wrote this short biography himself in the third person.

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