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Extended Guided Hike to Guest River Gorge

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Adventure around Southwest Virginia with a helping hand. You will start your adventure at the Stone Mountain Adventures, LLC parking lot and travel to the Guest River Gorge Trail parking area. From there you and your guide will venture on a hike along the trail. You can choose between two hiking trails. One will take you on a 5.8-mile hike and the other an 11.6-mile trek. Your guide will be there every step of the way to help and point out interesting facts about the local area, flora, and fauna.

Length of Trail: 5.8 or 11.6 miles
Total Distance Start to Finish: 5.8 or 11.6 miles
Total Hours from Start to Finish: 8 hours

Prior to the start of all tours: Stone Mountain Adventures, LLC will inform participants of pick up times and locations, trail etiquette and Leave No Trace guidelines. Participants will stay on the designated trail. If hiking or biking trail is blocked by wildlife or otherwise obstructed, participants will choose the safest route around the obstacle. If there is no safe way around, participants will contact Stone Mountain Adventures, LLC and return to drop off location or alternate pick up location.

Guides are instructed on proper land stewardship and encouraged to pick up litter from the trail while on hikes. Stone Mountain Adventures is committed to working with USFS in correcting the abuses by the public of our recreational areas. Stone Mountain Adventures, LLC will keep USFS informed of trail condition changes, such as downed trees, washed out trails or vandalism if such things should arise.

Your guide will take along a first aid kit and SPOT GPS Tracker. Special attention will be paid to rainfall amounts in the week leading up to these hikes and if it is significant the hike may be postponed or canceled.

Rescue/Emergency Contact Info: If participants have not returned to starting point 3 hours from starting time AND there has been no contact within that time, SPOT GPS tracker will be used to pinpoint the location of hikers. Stone Mountain Adventures, LLC employee will contact the home office of the situation and emergency officials will be contacted.


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Stone Mountain Adventures is located and operates in Southwest Virginia.
We do not offer tours or recreation activities for Stone Mountain in Georgia.