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Fundraiser – Guide Kayak Tour to Help Raise Funds For Your Organization




What a better way to raise money for your organization than a guided kayak trip, mountain bike, inner tube or hiking trip lead by us. Your group will make 40% profit on all fundraising cards that you sell.

Q: Who can participate in Fundraisers?

A: We welcome anyone to participate! No application required.

Q: When do I pay for my order and what types of payment do you accept?

A: All orders are placed on the website and a minimum of 30 gift cars are purchased each time.

Q: Is the pricing listed our cost?

A: Yes, all pricing included in this packet is your cost. Each $10 gift card will cost you $6.00

Q: We are a non-profit organization and have a tax-exempt number; may I purchase gift cards tax exempt?

A: All fundraising orders are tax free because they are gift cards, customer will pay their sales tax when cards are cashed in for trips.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: All cancellations of trips are subject to the cancellation policy on this website. PLease refer to that.

Q: How do I place my order?

A: Simple, click the link and place your order. Use a credit card to pay or make other arrangments with Stone Mountain Adventures to pay.

Q: Are T-shirt available for Top Sellers?

A: T-shirts will be given to the top 3 sellers for orders totaling $1,500.00 or more and are subject to availability.


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