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Guided Water Adventure on the Bear Creek Lake (Wise)

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Kayak in the Norton Reservoir for a day of fun, sun and water sports.

We will drop you and the watercraft of your choice down at the Lake. You must add-on kayak rentals for the same time as your adventure booking.

All adventurers are required to wear flotation vests. Safety precautions and the importance of wearing life vests will be discussed and all questions concerning safety will be answered before anyone gets in the water.

You will launch from the boat ramp and spend your time on the water talking about the area, natural resources, local flora, and fauna, etc. Adventurers will not exit the kayak onto the banks unless there is an emergency situation. Adventurers will not be purposefully swimming in the reservoir at any time.

Weather conditions will be monitored and you will not be permitted to enter the water if there is an imminent threat of storms or inclement weather.

You may choose to enjoy a snack at one of the picnic areas. Stone Mountain Adventures, LLC will not be providing any food or drinks for adventurers. You must pack your own if you so choose.

Adventurers will be informed of their pickup time and location at the time of drop off.

Guides will carry first aid kit and Spot GPS tracker. All participants will be given instructions on how to use SPOT in the case of an emergency. If any trip is more than an hour late and has not contacted Stone Mountain Adventures, LLC office, an employee will travel to the location and attempt to make contact. If the said employee cannot make contact, emergency personnel will be contacted. Emergency personnel will be notified of any serious accident or injury. USFS law enforcement will be contacted with all accident information in a timely manner.


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